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Instructions for Use
This hand delivered grenade is designed as a reusable ‘one bang’ distraction device and its operation replicates that of a NICO percussion distraction grenade.

It is comprised of a four part system:

·         the pin

·         the fly off lever

·         the upper body which houses the firing system

·         lower body which houses the blank ammunition

(If using 9mm or smaller blanks, a metal adapter is also used.)


Method of Use – Loading

Safety Notice: Appropriate gloves, eye and hearing protection must be worn during the loading / deployment process of this device.

With the fly off lever facing upwards place the safety pin attached to the lever through the aperture in the neck of the upper body of the device.

Then pull the fly off lever over the top of the shaft of the upper body so that it fully covers it with the fly off lever pointing downwards towards the base of the upper body

Holding the fly off lever against the upper body of the device insert the safety pin into the hole located in the side of it, ensuring that it passes all the way through and out of the opposite side

Using either your fingers of a small pliers pull the 90 degree angled part of the pin so that it locates under the straight piece which passes through the body. This ensures that the pin is not accidentally removed during carriage.

The upper body of the device is now complete.

NB. This upper body must always be complete to this stage during the reloading process before attaching the lower body with the new blank ammunition.

Holding the lower body place the blank ammunition into the breech area at the top of the body. If using the 12 gauge size this will fit directly into the breech. If using the 9mm size the metal insert will have to be used.

Attach the lower body to the upper body by the respective threaded male and female areas on each part.

Once secured firmly together the device is ready for use.


Use of the Grenade
Holding the device with the fly off lever into the web part of the hand between the thumb and index finger place the other index finger into the ring pull of the safety pin and twist in order to unlock the 90 degree part of the safety pin (as per the live Nico device).

 Remove the safety pin by pulling it back through the upper part of the fly off lever 

 The device is now ready for deployment into an area/room to simulate a distraction.


How It Works
As the device is thrown and leaves the hand, the fly off lever rotates over the top of the device due to the spring load. This removes the securing pin located in the shaft of the upper body which renders the device ‘live’.

Although the above photographs show the lever rotating under control (for illustration purposes only) this process takes place as the device is travelling through the air, preventing any accidental initiation whilst still being held in the operator’s hand and replicates the delivery of a live Nico device.

The device ‘fires’ as it comes into contact with any firm surface as a direct result of the impact.

Once fired the device is retrieved and unscrewed to remove the spent blank ammunition.

There is a small thin steel rod supplied in order to perform this task. This rod is inserted into a hole at the base of the device and pushes upwards to eject the spent casing.

The upper body should then be prepared as per the earlier instructions PRIOR to reloading the lower body and securing both parts together to form a complete device. This prevents any accidental initiation during assembly.


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